I love sh***y weather so you don’t have to

2017, it’s all gloom so far. I’m not referring to Trump, I mean going from this…

To this. Soaking. Wet. Beanbags.

My friend called this afternoon, warning me not to go out as he was in town and Storm Doris has hit. Naturally, I decided to head out.

I love this kind of weather. I find it relaxing to walk in the rain. How stormy can a British storm be? Saying that, Doris has already claimed a life a little further south, which is always tragic to hear. They are getting hit much harder.

It’s like walking at 6am. You are the only one out, braving the cold and wet whilst the joggers have a day off. I would have walked on top of the above structure if it wasn’t closed for the day. It leads right into the River Tyne, the birth place of the Carpathia, the ship that rescued Titanic. Here it is from another angle.

What a difference a little sunshine makes.

So yeah, I love the harsh winter weather, the wind and horizontal rain, it makes me feel alive. I have a bad case of face ache, but I’ll thaw out. Bring on the summer so I can complain about how hot it is, it’s a British thing.

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