I like this. Thankfully I don’t have this problem as my shift pattern varies. As a result however, I may get the Monday blues on a Friday. Madness, isn’t it? It’s fascinating to look out of my window on a cold Monday morning and watch as the average Joe lets out a big yawn and scrapes the frost from the car windscreen, almost getting in the car before realising that the hot flask of tea was left on the roof. 

Not to sound sadistic, it’s more that I feel I have escaped the robotic 9-5. I have yet to escape working a minimum of 40 hours a week though. I don’t know if my crazy sleeping patterns contribute to constantly wanting to consider alternative ways of thinking and what is ‘normal’, maybe it is because I don’t march down the city streets or pack into trains with everyone else at peak periods. 

Shot taken from the official music video for ‘Animals’ by Muse, created by a fan.

I do when my job requires it, but it isn’t every single day. Maybe staring into the eyes of a commuter that has had their two days of relative freedom and partied hard over the weekend before realising it is Monday and (s)he has to get back to that five days of grinding a wage out. That could either suck me into that way of living or make me think harder about what it would be like to escape it. Either way, I don’t want to try it out, I’ll avoid the zombies at all costs.

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