My Selfishness

Being labelled as selfish is an interesting one. You may indeed be selfish. Maybe you just like to do your own thing and because it doesn’t fit in with their personal plans, you are selfish for it.
This is the thought I needed to express today. Sometimes doing your own thing isn’t valued enough. Sometimes I need to shut the metaphorical door on those that complain when I do my own thing and choose my own paths. I know that at times I need my own space, I know that I need to spend a good amount of time with loved ones, too. It’s all about balance. If, despite the balance, you seem to find yourself being labeled as selfish or getting the ‘it’s all about you’ speech, there is no better time to do your own thing. 

So whether that is travelling, cooking, making music, blogging, yogo, whatever it may be. Nothing great has ever come from people not taking a break from people. 

Sometimes people can be so selfish they throw it at you.

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Dealing with Disorder

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