We are a species with a long way to go to achieve greatness and everyday I look for examples proving this. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. I would rather see what we could be as it helps us to get there, being content has its perks but that never helps in the gym or in a career, neither should it for society. Pushing forward and seeking problems speeds things up.


One of our downfalls is language. It is incredible for us to construct languages and hear it vary across the globe, however it is very common for two people to walk up to each other and fail to establish conversation. How crazy is that? Like two apes on their first encounter, or a tribe discovering society outside of the rain forest. It is pretty incredible to realise we live in a time of such discovery and inability to connect with those that live on the outside. This is of course because our travel desire is so much greater than our desire to learn languages however with over 7,000 languages in the world being spoken, leaning them all is an impossibility. The number of extinct languages rise into the thousands and maybe even the tens of thousands, which is also mind boggling. Languages that died with the civilizations they were used by, some etched into history on rocks, the only way we knew they existed in the first place like the fossils of extinct creatures buried alongside them.


So walking up to the wall above, the fact that I cannot understand what it says is fascinating. The letters I am used to, the order not so much. Thank goodness for technology, Google Translate tells me ‘Punk is born crooked, never straightens’ 

I guess punk is one aspect of life I have to accept can never be improved upon.

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