Times change. Buildings rise and empires fall. As inconvenient this must be for those at such times of change, imagine if we didn’t allow any adaption. As I grab a sandwich and coffee I’m staring at this view out of the window and pondering… What would our place in this world be like?

We wouldn’t marvel at architecture of the past. We wouldn’t strain our necks gazing to the roofs of high rises penetrating the rain clouds above and out of view. We wouldn’t appreciate classical music and understand what paths were carved leading to the radio hits of today. We would simply be in an era like every other. The same, changeless era. We would share so much with past generations that they would be of no interest. I love change and thinking in new ways, even if people don’t want that kind of thinking in our society. Should I care if my opinions aren’t welcomed?

Did musicians care when introducing the electric guitar despite the controversy? Did Martin Luther King care when making his voice heard in an age of segregation? It’s not my duty to care, it is the duty of the opposition to have the willingness to listen to new perspectives and consider the possibility that, just maybe, their beliefs may crumble to dust like the buildings of past, hostage to time. I’m not saying that I am the one creating the new, I’m simply excited and not offended that something new is constantly around the corner. 

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