It seems making a living can be easy if your job involves being on the brink of death. To think the potential to earn millions and gain as many followers can be achieved by simply doing what no one else would ever want to. All the debt and financial struggles, the job you hate, all the holidays you could ever want are just a click away. Would it be worth the risk? I guess we all have to meet our end someday…

One mans construction site is another mans playground. Do you know people make a living (a very good one at that) secretly breaking into such areas and filming their ascent?


Here is a snippet of one such climber, James Kingston, on his adventure climbing the Eiffel Tower and weirdly being banned from climbing it for three years… Why three years is beyond anyone.

It does give me a different perspective on construction sites, this one I walk past daily as as new four-star hotel starts to rise from the foundations. It may seem ugly from the ground but the views from the top anything but.

I’ll take their word for it.


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