It is a shame that as I grow older, I feel safer in areas away from people. This should not be the case, it has always been safer to hunt in packs. Now, the busier the venue, the more uncomfortable I feel.


Shortly after hearing of last nights attack my mum called, as is often expected after such an event. She told me she was about to call my sister and wish her luck as she is going climbing today… and to stay safe. I reassured her that I am much more content with my sister climbing a mountain than walking through a city.

How perceptions change. I do not know if this is a sign of the times or my realisation that humans can be pretty awful, more than I knew in the bubble we all grow up in as children. Nature can be brutal, but it isn’t brutal to intentionally cause suffering. This is why I cannot hate a violent storm or natural disaster, as tragic as they may be I take comfort in knowing that it wasn’t due to evil. Lightening doesn’t strike to scare you and the rain doesn’t pour to bring you down. It may scare you and bring you down but without the sadistic intention. Some people may believe such events are repercussions for human decisions, not that I have time for those people.

I am having a 24-hour withdrawal from social media today and all of the opinions, claims and blames that will no doubt be forming after yesterdays news.

Today, give me a beach, calm waters and a dog and I am happy.

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11 thoughts on “Solace.”

  1. Agreed. We are very much into our own company & don’t feel the need to be around people very often.

    We are seniors who like to be at home with our pets, & our personal activities, & prefer it to being social.

    We both have a lifelong discomfort with being around people, & the more people, the more the discomfort.

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      1. Great, I hope you have found a community both on and offline in which you can openly talk as a couple about such issues freely 🙂


      2. We don’t have any issue with our atheism here in our small Canadian city, & actually never have wherever we’ve lived. We are wide open about it as well although most of the time the religious topic never comes up.

        I am on several online atheist sites where I can read & post, & have made several great email pals that way as well.

        As for my husband……hahahaha…….computers are completely foreign territory to him, & he never touches it!

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      3. Haha my dad was the same as your husband, never liked technology and never attempted to learn to! Canada seems to be similar to the UK regarding religious tolerance, I would love to go one day. I know a few people that have travelled over the past year to Vancouver, which looks lovely. Although most of Canada does!
        I’m also pleased you have made friends online, I have too however most of my friends that I grew up with are non-religious.


      4. That’s great to hear! Its so nice when you don’t have to put on an act around friends.

        We live in central British Columbia which is 8 or so hours away from Vancouver. Its beautiful here with our water, mountains, forests, wildlife, etc.

        Yes, much of our heritage & attitudes here are more British here. Most of my own ancestry is UK, but one US grandfather…..which is where the mor(m)on side came from. He did a mission to the UK, married, & brought my grandmother home.

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      5. Interesting! I love a good story of how we got here, I wish I asked more growing up as its something I am gaining much more curiosity about. In fact I have just emailed a family member that I haven’t spoken to in years, he’s 90 and he has William Shakespeare in his family tree, sadly I’m a little to distant of a relative to boast about that myself… I’m eagerly awaiting a reply with some more info on this!


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