I’m currently in the UK. I don’t want to give the impression that I am not with the images I have uploaded onto my blog, I just don’t want my pictures to go to waste. I simply upload a picture with a thought I have at the time, whatever that thought may be. The location of the picture that fits with the post is just a roll of the dice really. I love knowing a picture I take today may fit perfectly with a post I have months or even years down the line.


This was my bank holiday yesterday. The only reason these seats were empty was the weather. Isn’t it strange that sunshine has such a big impact on how busy a venue gets? This may just be a British thing. A few clouds didn’t cause temperatures to plummet, a few degrees maybe but not enough to trigger a heart attack. On the other hand, the road to our nearest shopping centre was huge. When there are clouds, go to a bar.

It’s funny how we do things that are in demand, but usually when demand is highest. We pay more for flights when everyone else is travelling too, we pay more for weekend movie tickets when weekdays may be cheaper. We spend hours of a bank holiday in traffic jams for a shopping centre because no one likes a beer on a rainy day. Is it because we like to do what everyone else is doing when they are doing it, or that we just can’t think ahead and predict our behaviors will most likely reflect that of everyone else?

Oh what I would do to be rich and forget all about the concept of times and bank holidays.

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2 thoughts on “Demand”

    1. Hello from Newcastle 🙂 what we lack in sunshine we make up for in an average football team 😉 I hope you had enough sun for the BBQ!


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