In 2008 my university lecturer told me that he still had no idea what he wanted to do in life. He must have been in his early sixties. If that wasn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what was.


In 2017 I can relate to his statement. As I grow older I do not feel like the only person that can relate to this. I also find that more and more people are good at hiding this indecision, which has probably been the case all along.

I have never known what I want to do, apart from things that were above my ability. You know, the typical astronaut/footballer jobs which would require me to be a one-in-a-million individual. The only thing I really enjoyed consistently was the idea of traveling and as long as I have a job that allows me to fund travel I am happy.

I could choose to be in some kind of higher management I guess if I really stuck to it, not promising a fantastic salary but one that would get me by just fine. The problem with this is it will take a great deal of my time up and I worry that will take time away from my desire to blog every day and get a book out there. I worry that becoming more ambitious in a career will jeopardise my ability to express myself and my individual thoughts. How ambitious would that be?! I don’t like the idea of spending my life in a career that will ultimately help someone else get a tan on a private yacht somewhere in the Med, you could argue that this could be us if we put our minds to it, I guess it could. I could also spend my life trying to get there to enjoy a retirement that never comes…

So at the moment, I personally feel a good career move is to go to Australia in September and travel with short term jobs, spend my free time from now until then blogging, engaging with the community and building content for a book as I save as much as I can. This helps me to sit down and focus, not worrying that I must be out eating, drinking and partying if I don’t want to waste time watching my life fly by. I keep these cards close to my chest, I have told people I am travelling but that’s it, for now. I have also learned that the more I keep to myself the more I can focus on work that is purely mine without the inevitable input from others.

Some people are shocked I am leaving my current job. ‘I can’t believe you are leaving a job to go travelling!’ I hear. I advise anyone, don’t let a job get in the way of you enjoying the life you want to live. You probably have the potential to give your own input and talent in one form or another if you seek it, whether it’s in blog form or stand up comedy. We all have to work, often in jobs we didn’t dream of, just make sure you have enough energy to do what you are passionate about around that. Your employer can always replace you, you cannot replace your time on Earth.

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