Why this mountain has a chunk missing 

After seeing what appears to be a huge piece of mountain missing I had to give it a Google. It seems there are some very interesting legends as to why.

‘The local version says that the French hero Roland, commander of Charlemagne’s army, became embroiled in a sword fight with the head of the Moorish army and the duel finished on the top of the mountain. At one moment in the battle the Moorish leader was flung to the ground and Roland lifted his sword, Durandarte, in order to deal his enemy a final blow. However, he missed the prostrate figure and the force of the blow cut a chunk out of the mountain, which fell into the sea. This rock is still visible as Benidorm Island and the gash that Roland made in the peak of the mountain still bears his name.’

Here is Benidorm Island from our rooftop pool. The mountain is directly behind me.

Another legend states that Roland’s lover Alda was fated to die when the last of the sun’s rays shone on her so Roldan cut out part of the mountain in order that the sun would take longer to set ensuring that Alda would live a few moments longer.

Quite beautiful and further proof if we needed any of humanities obsession with love and war.

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5 thoughts on “Why this mountain has a chunk missing ”

    1. They can be, like fairy tales they are harmless. As long as I am not being made to believe that a sword actually chopped a chunk of a mountain the size of a high rise into the Med, I am happy to hear them!


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