One year older

We all get that one unique day a year, one that we get to celebrate our lives with others. Some love it, some would hold it back if they could. We don’t get to choose this day, it just depends on when we were brought into existence. It is crazy when I think about it, that we celebrate seeing that day disappear onto the horizon and live long enough to us cross that line again 365 days later. I have done so for a 28th time whilst I was in Spain, yay!


That is a heck of a lot more than a lot of people have been able to, I am grateful for that. I heard recently that we shouldn’t be afraid of aging as some people don’t ever get the chance to. 

I heard this reading an update from the parents of a young boy that live close to me, he is terminally ill and a huge fan of Sunderland football club. He has won the hearts of people nationwide and in my city of Newcastle, traditionally huge rivals of Sunderland. His name is Bradley Lowery and it seems, very sadly, that the 6 year old doesn’t have long left. His footballing hero, Jermain Defoe, regularly meets him for cuddles and chats. Very sad, however I wanted to post this as a reminder for us all that each birthday should not be met with a fear of getting older but the appreciation that we get to reach an age that so many did not. To be born at all is against incredible odds, to keep going like we do is truly remarkable. You could say that young Bradley has already achieved what so many of us have not, he has met his idol, travelled to Disneyland and walked the England football team out onto  the field. It’s not the age that matters it’s what we do with it.

I also feel lucky to have mine smack bang in the middle of the year. I know at least two people with birthdays on Christmas Day, one opens presents on the 24th.

If we could choose our birthday, when would it be? The middle of the summer holidays? In January when not much seems to happen? I think I will keep mine where it is 🙂

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12 thoughts on “One year older”

      1. I slept most of it because it was too hot and I was very hungover! Then dinner and drinks with friends.

        Thanks and happy birthday too you by the way 🙂

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  1. I hit 70 last January & 70 is fine with me, as ”still breathing” is what counts.

    I would have preferred a birthday somewhere around April/May or September/October. The weather isn’t blazing or freezing, & going our for dinner, or partying in January was always an issue…….but it is what it is

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    1. 70 is young today! I have a couple of friends with Jan birthdays too, they make sure to have a reason to celebrate later in the year as well :p


    1. I find it crazy that we can do things like that now. Replace parts of the body. I bet your new one will make you feel 21 again! :p


  2. Not quite……the other hip has reared its ugly arthritic head now too.

    I am also married to the bionic man….he has a computerized defibrillator/pacemaker implant that sends information over the phone line to the clinic every night while he’s sleeping.

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    1. Ah never… I’m sorry, that must be very frustrating 😦

      And really? It is amazing, obviously it would be better that he didn’t need one, but amazing that it can be done. Is that common with pacemakers to give information to the clinic like that?


  3. Its a defibrillator most importantly. The pacemaker is secondary. Its keeping him alive, because his heart has too much scar tissue to be repaired.
    He has a bedside monitor that wirelessly reads the implant while he’s within range, & if anything happens, info is sent immediately to the clinic, after which he’ll get a phone call to either call his doctor, or get to the hospital, or just send a manual reading with the monitors attached mouse.
    Other than that the implant collects info & downloads it to the clinic every 6 months for it to be read.


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