Why do I even like crazy golf?

I don’t know anyone that hates crazy golf. Do you? I don’t believe you. It can’t be true.

Also, does anyone know the difference between crazy golf and mini golf? I’m pretty sure they are the same thing. Regardless, I learned a couple of things from my (overly competitive) round in the Spanish sunshine. 

It is pretty much the same as anywhere, how it should be. It’s the universal language of fun! This course was decent, the greens were in good condition, there was no litter and the ball didn’t get stuck under the windmill. This and the fact that the obstacles were powered and moving means I have to give it a 8/10. Some places cannot be bothered with giving that extra experience and actually switching the power on. I don’t like my mini golf experience to feel like a tour around cherbobyl. It needs to be alive and kicking.

Take water. Golf is hardly an exhausting sport, but with that midday heat beaming down a bottle of water is a wise investment if you want to remain consistent throughout the round… Especially if the night before consisted of beers until 5am.
I bottled the win. I was neck and neck until the 18th hole… I went last and needed to get it in one if I was to beat my closest friend-come-rival, all of my mates achieved this hole except me. It took me four goes… and roughly four beers to get over blowing it and coming second.

I may have to delete this picture from my camera roll, it reminds me of despair and failure…

P.s. I googled the difference, apparently mini golf is taken more seriously than crazy golf, which is purely for fun. I find crazy golf competitive enough!

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11 thoughts on “Why do I even like crazy golf?”

    1. One day I will hopefully get to play the real thing, I have a few friends that have taken it up and I always enjoyed the odd visit to the driving range. When I made a good connection it felt great!


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