Times like these

I received a text not too long ago from a friend, one of four friends that I lived with in Texas back in 2010. Two of these friends I regularly keep in contact with, the other two have been busy travelling, one with a fiancé he met whilst working on a cruise line and the other with a wife and as of last week, a baby boy. 

How times change, it only felt like yesterday that we all left the Lone Star State in 2011 and made our way up the east coast before flying home from New York.


Mate can you remember in New York when we were sitting in Times Square late at night reminiscing about the year just gone? One of the most memorable times of my life.

Of course I did, I replied that I remember it perfectly. The other three went to bed in our run down hotel just around the corner. There was one double bed for five guys, we stayed up as long as possible to avoid having to sleep on the floor with luggage bags for pillows. I remember there were two carpets in the room with completely different patterns, split right down the centre. I have no idea of the logic behind that but with us being so close to Times Square, it wasn’t like the hotel was going to run out of guests anytime soon. 

When I have been to NYC, I have always opted for location over comfort. With my visits all being in my late teens/early twenties, it’s not like luxury was an option anyway. Great things came from that hellhole of a hotel, the main one being the memory revisted in that text. I remember the two of us sitting there in the early hours on plastic chairs, watching the people go by and the lights dazzle. There was one ad in the distance that I’m sure was Coca Cola, with an animation that made it look like construction workers were working behind it, the shadows of people with tools and sparks flying. We debated whether the people were real for about an hour, I think the only winner there was Coca Cola. 

What made it most memorable was that it was the very last memory of an amazing 13 month experience. Sitting there and talking about everything that occurred was like the last page of a book or the last episode of a series. It was the first time I really sat down and thought about it, despite being in one of the most active and alive places on earth. 

The best thing about the final page is that page one is always there to revisited when we want to. It only takes something as small as a text to trigger this kind of butterfly effect and bring back so many memories.

Photo by Wojtek Witkowski on Unsplash

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