It’s cool to act stupid

I see there is a big trend online for people to either pretend they are more stupid than they are, or boast about it.

I stumble (pun very much intended) upon images and memes all the time, people sharing them proudly to glorify how they should have been brought up with bubble wrap.

Why boast about being stupid or clumsy? I’m all for admitting flaws and that I am not the perfect person, it just seems a waste of valuable time to make sure the Internet knows my weaknesses instead of strengths. They don’t even have to be strengths, just something a little more optimistic and moral boosting. 

It’s hard enough for us mortals to be heard and find a job that utilities our strengths, I am trying more than ever to use such opportunities as a boost and not a put-me-down. 

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7 thoughts on “It’s cool to act stupid”

  1. I have fibromyalgia, & dropping things, or bumping into/tripping over, & forgetting words are just a few of the symptoms. When it goes on dozens of times a day, its not funny, & I certainly don’t want to make it seem worse than it already is. Its is embarrassing at times as well, when in public.

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    1. It’s fine to acknowledge it of course, especially if it’s a condition! And it would be interesting to read up about it, instead of people without such a condition posting memes about how cool it is to fall down stairs… They have probably never slipped down a set of stairs in their lives! :p


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