Edinburgh: Harry Potter

Another little peek at my recent day break. 

Complimenting the cities old-worldy feel nicely, Edinburgh has a couple of Harry Potter stores. They seem to be very popular, not that I am surprised by that.

Interesting fact: The cafe below, The Elephant House, is where JK Rowling often sat with a coffee whilst writing her earlier novels.

Maybe, the location in which you choose to blog will one day have a plaque on the wall, boasting that once upon a time a successful writer stared there…

Definitely worth thinking about!

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18 thoughts on “Edinburgh: Harry Potter”

      1. We enjoyed them, & they aren’t just for kids.

        We had hoped our grandkids could read them, but my brainwashed daughter & son-in-law wouldn’t allow it.

        They are STORIES, but it is what it is, & none of our business.

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      2. Not likely…..they are all so soaked in the religion, they haven’t even rebelled. They are now aged from 24 to 12. The eldest is very smart, is now a nurse, & she’s the one I was sure was going to question things……not so.
        She has been married for 2 years, & her father-in-law is a fanatical pastor who performed the ceremony. It was the absolute worst ”wedding” we’ve ever experienced! Nothing about love, or future as a couple…..it was all about being brought to jeezzuzz!!!

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      3. That’s what I’ve never liked about wedding and funerals. Sadly, I’ve been to more funerals than weddings, and have noticed that God/Jesus is often talked about as much as the person that recently passed. That seems pretty crazy to me.


      4. Yeah, well we have NEVER been to a wedding this awful…..& it won’t be happening again.
        This carried on through the reception as well, so we left early & went back to our hotel.
        We won’t attend another, & the next granddaughter is engaged.

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      1. South of France is on my list too! You have to visit Edinburgh if you head to Scotland, although the country has so many beautiful spots of architectural and natural beauty elsewhere too. If you get the train from London, look to the right hand side as you enter Durham city, the cathedral was a set for Hogwarts and it looks over the whole city.

        I actually posted a birds eye view of it in this post:



      2. That’s the thing, I haven’t researched it much however the shots I’ve seen from various cities and beaches look beautiful. I would have to do a lot of planning before booking a flight to France!
        And no problem, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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    1. Edinburgh is a beautiful place. It is my mothers birth place so it has a place in my heart, and the historic look is a great setting for anything Harry Potter related in my opinion 🙂

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