Is it Friday yet?

Does anyone have a day of the week that they hate more than the usual suspect Monday?

I started typing this yesterday, hence the reference.

The fun part about leaving a job I have been in for a pretty long time is that those last few weeks are actually very enjoyable. I remember that Friday feeling in school, I still had to work but knowing the weekend was coming got me through. August is that Friday for me. I feel relaxed as the sun sets on this particular job and time in my life.

My aim is to live a life that consists purely of that Friday feeling. We all do. The days of the week were created by people and with that, the Monday to Friday work schedules. Working in hospitality I don’t often get the weekends off, if anything it helps me see how commonplace the 9-5 is. Seeing the waves of people pile onto the streets from the underground stations at 8.30am on Monday and fill the pubs by 5.30pm Friday, we really are fixed to a certain course. Friday is the day in which the lead is taken away from our neck and we get to run around with the other humans for a little bit.

But be back by Monday.


It is great to have that mutual celebration on Friday afternoon cheering on the next two days of freedom, but the more we live like everyone else the less we get to tell a unique story. The less fuel to provide a story that is different from the rest and certainly less time to experience one. I find blogging is an escape from this as it is the channel in which I get to express the most freedom. I post when I want about what I want. No deadlines or word counts. This is also one of the reasons I am looking forward to travelling so much. The extra freedom to blog without the constraints of my working life holding me back, as temporary as this may turn out to be. If I ever get combine the two, I will be very happy indeed.

Have a great Tuesday… and make it as Friday as possible.

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