Views I will miss, pt 5

I have often been given free tickets to this venue as I work (well, I left my job to travel two days ago) next door. I know some of the promoters fairly well, meaning that when a gig comes up that I would like to see I have been lucky enough to get my name on the guest list. Certainly a privilege I am going to miss!

Also, check this sunset as I travelled to the gig. We don’t often get to see the sun setting here, so when we do it is an occasion, and not many sunsets have beaten this one. It’s even more interesting as it comes at a time when the sun is now setting on my life in the UK.

But back to the gig. This time it was Mac Demarco. He’s a very funny guy with some catchy tunes, if you haven’t heard of him here is a great interview on the viral channel First We Feast and its series ‘Hot Ones’.

It was certainly the most lively crowd I have seen here. One guy managed to sneak a skateboard in, how I have no idea, and one fan appeared to wave his crutch around as if he didn’t need it.

So, that’s the last gig I will attend here for a long time. The good news is music is worldwide as are the artists that create it. I may see this Canadian artist again somewhere, sometime.

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