Travel Diary: Changi airport, the best for long layovers!

After a long 14 hour journey from London to Singapore, I had an even longer 17 hours in Changi airport. If there was ever an airport that I would want to be stuck in for so long, I can safely say it is this one.

It is very green, that’s what I noticed straight away after entering the terminal. There are plants everywhere! It felt relaxed and that is the vibe I got walking through the airport. Everything was chilled.

I did not realise how quickly my 17 hours would fly by though. I spent the first thirty minutes in the Cactus Garden with a couple of beers, sitting under a fan chatting to the bartender after having a stroll around the differing species of cacti on display.

This of course, made me pretty peckish. I will warn you now, this specific post isn’t for foodies. I grabbed quick bites when I could, on this occasion a chicken and cheese croissant’which from Burger King. Never had one before, and it got me through.

The Sky Train is very convenient, a fast and very frequent way to travel between terminals. The outside of the airport seems to be as pretty as it is inside!

I headed back to my terminal and to the Free Singapore Tours stand.

This, my friends, is the daddy of all layover actives.

That, or being made to ride a bike to charge your phone. That is up there too!

But back to the tour. The queue when I got there was probably ten people long but it didn’t take too long to get seen to. I told the lady at the stand that I was given a spot on the 6pm tour after emailing Singapore Airlines before flying, although the 7.30pm show sounded much more appealing due to the light shows displayed after sunset. I was worried about getting back after the 2.5 hour show and to my next flight, boarding at 11.45pm, taking into account the security checks leaving and entering the airport and the possible traffic issues.

After speaking to the lovely lady it was clear that 7.30pm wouldn’t be an issue for getting back to my flight, and that it was easy for me to change times. That I did.

By this time it was midday. I spent some of the next hour strolling through the airport and taking in the nature.

It was then that a couple of yawns hit me, and that I realised that I probably only had an hour tops of sleep on the flight. If I was to fully appreciate the Singapore Tour, I needed to find a spot and get my head down. I set my alarm for 5pm, enough time to get a decent few hours and make it to the tour before it got too busy.

What a glorious sleep I had.

So, this 17 hour layover wasn’t a bad one. In fact it was a great one. By the time the tour started it was 7.30pm, by the time I was back I had enough time to grab another bite to eat and leisurely walk to my departure gate. Some airports would have been pure hell for a long wait for my next flight, this turned out to be amazing with some lifetime memories along the way.

That memory was the Singapore Tour, my next post. I’ll see you then!

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12 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Changi airport, the best for long layovers!”

  1. That place could be a whole vacation by itself!!! It is gorgeous there, & I love koi ponds. (My daughter built one of her own in her sideyard.) The food sounds just fine when you had so much else to do. I did wonder about sleep, so am glad you were able to grab some. Who says airports have to be dull?

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    1. Your daughters side yard must be very pretty! Yeah I wasn’t even that hungry as I was always occupied, I’m just glad I managed some sleep. Thanks for reading 🙂


    1. Well I did have 16 hours there! Haha. But 2.5 of those hours were spent in Singapore itself and I needed a little sleep too. I did as much as I could, and next time if I visit the airport again I can see the things I missed 🙂
      Both the airport and country are beautiful, thank you for visiting my blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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