I’m so pleased I have family here!

If you have family long distance, visit them. Even if you don’t know them too well, make conversation, state you fancy a trip and if they offer a place to stay, you have one big reason to book that flight.

This is my current location. Seaforth is a suburb a little north of Sydney, in fact if you look to the horizon the city centre skyline is viewable. I feel very lucky to be able to land and have a place to stay so soon, it makes me want to visit everyone and anyone I am in contact with around the world and make the most of it. I will be here for a couple more days before finding my own accommodation.

If you have even the slightest urge to venture, do it. The slightest urge can result in the biggest regret over time if not acted upon and it is better to do it and not enjoy it than not go ahead and wonder what if.

Have a great day, I hope it involves making great plans!

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9 thoughts on “I’m so pleased I have family here!”

    1. Neither could I until I added them on Facebook! But it does have to be something you want to do, if you have other interests other than travel, do them 🙂


      1. My mother is 89, spent 12 years not speaking to me until recently, so I have no intention of asking about people I have no interest in.

        We both have mobility scooters now so we go out together, & are trying places in town we haven’t been to before. .

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      2. Great! I’m sorry to hear that about your relationship with your mother, but it seems like things are improving. Trying new places is always fun!


    1. Haha, my mother told me who they were so I added them. I didn’t know them, I’ve met them once before in the UK, once I had the name I was all set.


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