Adopt a self respecting mentality

I have no idea what kind of logic this person is adopting, it sure is a fascinating one. I found the comment on social media after the news of another natural disaster, this time in Mexico.

Regardless, we obsess over being taught lessons in ways that aren’t actual lessons. We obsess with being ruled over and punished like laboratory mice. I personally hate this kind of thinking, the thinking that leads us into self loathing. I want to love people. I want people to love themselves yet I struggle to see how we can do so when we like to be taught in such horrific and mysterious fashion. 

I try to think of examples that would not be accepted if this same method was used from human to human. Think of a child stealing a sweet before their meal. I could either teach that child the importance of eating healthy and that reward comes as a result of good behaviour, or I could unleash a swarm of wasps into said kids bedroom. One of these would be much more effective for the child when considering why he/she shouldn’t eat a sweet prior to the main meal. It would also be much more moral. I have a very strong feeling that my actions would be highly condemned, rightly so. But if an earthquake crushes a school, it is just another supposed ‘lesson’. Looking at the comment it received thousands of thumbs up/heart responses. How can such a post be met with approval?!

To see natural disaster as some kind of sign or warped message is pretty crazy. We are much better than that and guess what, our kids deserve much better than that. Even if you feel you deserve that punishment yourself. 

The sooner we learn to love and respect ourselves, the better.

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3 thoughts on “Adopt a self respecting mentality”

  1. I say bullfeathers!!!!
    The only ”sign” here is, we have screwed this planet with our greed, & the earth itself is changing accordingly!
    We destroy land, air, water, & below the surface of land as well, & then foist the results on some angry invisible being for being gay, not religious or not having gawd belief!
    This is really a crap load & then some…………

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