Why am I stuck in England?!

A fisherman waits patiently near the ocean at Seaforth, Sydney.

‘Why am I stuck in England?’ a question asked rethorically by a friend today whilst she watched a video of the Phillipines online. I think the channel was ‘Unilad Travel’, a page that posts numerous videos and images onto Facebook daily. I see these comments every now and then on social media and it really makes me think. 

Firstly, no one is ‘stuck’. Unless you are from North Korea or a small handful of other very oppressive nations, or have another extreme circumstance holding you back. If you have the ability to post on Facebook and have enough leisure time to blog, stuck is probably a complete exaggeration.

Secondly, the time and effort put into social media posts could easily be used towards travel goals. Save, choose where you want to go and go. Whether it takes 3 weeks or 3 years it can be done and that day will one day be tomorrow. 

This fisherman didn’t whine about not being able to fish today. He realised he wanted to and did it. If you feel stuck, realise it is probably your mind that is causing the block and not the things around you. Become unstuck!

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