The sky told me how to vote today…

I went to the beach this morning, walking underneath the Spit Bridge in Seaforth, north of Sydney. If there was a bridge I would be hesitant to walk under it would be the one named ‘Spit’, however I persevered for the clear waters as seen in my previous post.

I got quite a shock as I looked up, what I thought was the only cloud in the sky turned out to be the word ‘VOTE’, created by a plane that could only be slightly heard and seen. It wasn’t finished there, the letters ‘N’ and ‘O’ followed. I thought this pilot was going out of his way to tell people to vote now, which would have been pretty cool. Instead, he finished at ‘vote no’ and flew into off the distance. 

For those outside of Australia, there is a vote on same sex marriage taking place. Vote No of course is not the view of all Sydneysiders, the Vote Yes campaign has a lot of backing. 

More about this specific occurance can be read here. This pilot was funded to make the statement by no-voters, clearly against same-sex marriage. 

What a way to live. Going out of the way to tell others how to live their lives. Fair enough, many view religious viewpoints are deemed non-negotiable but that is the reason I left it behind. If our laws are governed by long-dead Stone Age people, we’re pretty screwed. I personally prefer to update our ideologies to match 21st century living. I don’t care if gay people have same sex relationships as it doesn’t bother me nor affect me in the slightest. The day that same sex couples go out of their way to tell me how to live, there will be a problem. Until then, let’s just all like who we like and spend time with our loved ones instead of telling others who their loved ones should be.

What quality of life is there if a life is spent angry at the lives of others? 

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