Our love/hate relationship with logic and reason

As I wake up this morning I understand that over 50 people in Las Vegas did not get the chance to. Beyond tragic. People having fun, enjoying life and being punished for it. It is hard to make sense of this crazy and dangerous world, a world that opts for faith over reason and prays even harder when unreasonable events occur.

Two people registered themselves safe on my Facebook news feed as they are currently on holiday in Las Vegas. Say what you like about social media, this is a great tool for the peace of mind of loved ones and instant news about dangerous occurances in your area. As long as technology is being used for good, that is all I can hope for. 

Sadly, members of the public are still posting on the crisis response page of Facebook about missing loved ones. These posts are gaining many replies, mostly of prayers. 

Prayers are fascinating. They are literally the most paralysing action we can carry out without tying ourselves up. The very nature of a prayer is to close our eyes and put our hands together. If someone else did this to us it would be a kidnapping. Think about that for a brief moment. The reason prisoners have their sight and mobility taken from them is to rid them of freedom. They are now immobile. Useless. Extremely vulnerable to external threats and actions. For thousands of years we have been urged to do this to ourselves if we want to see change. Do as little as possible and be wrongly convinced that it will be the quickest route to an answer. Is it any wonder why these prayers accumulate to nothing? To me, it makes absolute sense. There will be another mass shooting. There will be another million prayers. Change comes when we open our eyes and use those hands.

The problem is, the alternative is to look away from faith. This is a very scary concept for many, and illogical one for others. I understand the desire for faith, however if we choose to look at faith over reason we have to accept that we need faith even more to cope with the unreasonable acts we read about daily. If our societies were driven by evidence instead of ideologies passed down through families, think of how much progress could be made. Think of how soon we may be able to understand the mind of a man that desires to shoot hundreds of people with firearms from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel room. Think of how soon we could persuade a suicide bomber that they don’t have to blow themselves up to please a God that they have never met before and tha a nice walk is a better option. Think of how soon we would render prayer useless as we no longer need it to comfort ourselves when human beings turn against one another in the most horrific ways.

It may take a thousand years to unlock the countless mysteries that plague our existence, this should not be seen as an excuse to do nothing in the meantime. Typing a blog post does little to help the situation, it is probably as effective as prayer. I personally believe that understanding that you aren’t being productive is more beneficial that believing you are when in fact you aren’t. It frees up so much time to make an actual difference and we should all have an aim to free up as much of our time as possible before it is taken away by dangerous minds.

The world is too beautiful to spend large parts of our day with our eyes closed. 

Have a safe day everyone and use your free time to make the most of life, not to please others.

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5 thoughts on “Our love/hate relationship with logic and reason”

  1. As the saying goes, One person’s two hands doing some physical work is worth more than a million hands clasped in prayer.

    Personally, I want to actually help if able, rather than waste time on my arthritic knees, with my eyes closed, & making empty wishes. No thank you.

    Beautiful photo by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a great saying. And thank you, I took both of these the other day and found this post was fairly fitting. I hope you’re having a good day.


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