Meet Biggles

This is Biggles. He was a much loved dog at The Rocks in Sydney where he lived. He was often seen on the back of a bike in a milk crate riding around with his owner.

This reminded me instantly of Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier that spent the last 14 years of his life in the 19th century guarding the grave of his owner, John Gray. My mother introduced me to Bobby in Edinburgh (where she was also born) and I have walked by the statue many times.

The monument has had a problem with tourists rubbing Bobby’s nose for good luck. This has caused discolouration and signs have been put around his neck asking passers by to refrain from doing so.

Back to Biggles, I had to Google him for a little more info. I’m sure the local tourist information centre could have provided it however I decided to explore the streets a little further and do a quick search later. Monument Australia provided the following.

‘Biggles was regarded as a `local character` among the residents and shopkeepers as he roamed the Rocks Area sometimes leaping from balconies in pursuit of cats. Unfortunately for Biggles, his final leap was off a cliff near Mrs Macquarie`s Chair after what was thought to have been a rat. Biggles died at the age of fourteen and is now immortalised in the statue created by artist, Anne Dybka, herself a resident of the Rocks.’

He spent his whole life chasing, as we should be doing with our dreams. Bobby spent his whole life loving, equally admirable. 

Has your hometown had a very popular pet, one that fits beautifully into the community? Does it have one currently that deserves a statue in the future?

Let’s all be like Biggles and Bobby. I for one could certainly learn a thing or two from these great dogs.

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