A hooded boy stands on the corner of Barrack and George Street in Sydney’s Central Business District.

This little guy gave me a bit of a fright as I was walking through the CBD today. He is situated right on the corner of the very busy George Street, staring whilst his identity is hidden under a hood.


Hoods can be a little intimidating to walk by, a bit like a masked person. The reason even the most humorous masks can freak us out is because despite the design, they are used to throw us off track. Distract us from the face underneath as well as the intentions, whatever they may be. Our brain knows the face we are seeing isn’t the right one and knows to set the alarm bells ringing. I got that feeling with this little statue and probably will every time I walk by.

Not everyone feels this way. An anonymous plaque as been placed behind the statue to highlight the troubles children face when trying to seek asylum in Australia. It was not placed there by the artist, although the artist has since approved of the plaque. It reads:

“Lest we forget them”

“Children seeking asylum in Australia are kept in detention as part of a government policy which inflicts harm on refugees fleeing violence and persecution.

Their suffering is our shame.

Here at this site we remember them and together call out for change.”

Do you see an innocent kid sheltering from the elements, or someone that is a potential threat?

At least he doesn’t move, and for that reason we may never know…

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7 thoughts on “Concealed”

    1. Thanks for commenting Kamal. I guess your comment highlights the dilemma many people feel… National security vs helping refugees. There needs to be a balance, however some aren’t willing to have that conversation, both sides of the argument.


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