Melting pot

Buildings vary as much as people. Probably more so in fact. As diverse as a city population may be, each building also has its own look and character. At least buildings don’t have a problem standing side by side, as a species we could learn from this…


I love that the heights and structures vary so much. Some old, some new. Some being ripped down and some rising from the foundations. I sometimes think of what a futuristic society will look like- will all buildings look much more alike to reflect the globalization of Earth and an ever more increasingly connected world? Maybe our great, great grandchildren will follow the same trends as we do and opt for buildings that vary as much as they do today. In the present, the varied styles reflect humanities ever changing beliefs, opinions, tastes and ambitions. They remind me how different each and every person is and the benefits and challenges this brings.

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Dealing with Disorder

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