Take your time and do it right

I had a great ferry journey today to Manly, the weather was perfect and there was a little wind. On the last few minutes before docking, a gust took us off course and away from the wharf. The captain tried to pull in however he had to leave the wharf and have a second attempt. 

There was one man on the ferry that clearly had very little time for delay. He started complaining to the crew member on board about the delay and why we didn’t dock first time around. By the time the crew member was finished describing the situation the man sighed and walked away. 

I’m personally pleased the captain opted to have a second attempt rather than risk the first failed one any more. Isn’t safety better than speed? In a world of great troubles, this wasn’t one of them. In my opinion, in these kind of situations it is important to relax, be happy to be alive and think about how privileged your life is to be able to complain about being ten minutes late. Life is as hard as we make it out to be and a lot of the time we make it seem worse than it really is. 

Home and dry. Who would be mad at that?!

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