They’re onto me…

One thing I kept freaking out about before moving to Australia was changing my address details everywhere that needed it. How many places did I need to change them? My bank, my phone contract, my dentist… I knew I would forget at least one or two and it’s pretty impossible to remember everywhere you provide them.

Ah of course, the student loans people. 

Sometimes it can be hard to get hold of companies and businesses. Understandable I guess, there will be millions of people using the same services. But if you want to ensure that you will be able to contact them, not paying is a great way.

Not that I want to promote criminal activity, this was an honest mistake. My philosophy is that if I spend too much time thinking of how to save money, I am not devoting enough time on how to make money. This is where the creativity comes in. The ideas and ways to positively engage with a wider audience. I would much rather pay for the services I use legally and find ways to earn a great enough living so that the costs seem minimal. Some people save so much that the day never comes that they lived to enjoy it, that freaks me out a little. I am not one to spend, spend, spend, it’s all about a positive balance and having a treat once in a while.

Spend but don’t be conned, save but not for too long.

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Emptying my mind onto the web and hoping to make sense of it. Hoping to help others going through similar struggles.

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