One more 9-5!

I work all kinds of hours, and it is actually rare for me to commute during the typical rush hour. Today is different. I’m up and about at the same time as everyone else. 

When I look around I can see the misery on so many faces. People crammed into carriages every day with little to no interaction with fellow commuters. Standing in line at the endless coffee stands waiting their turn. I don’t envy having to travel at peak times with millions of others however it does have its perks. 

I know so many of these people have one workday left before the weekend. If they work the same patterns as everyone else, they play at the same time as everyone else. Working in hospitality means I only get to experience the weekend off once in a while, but when I do get to spend time with people knowing we are all off work the next day, I remember why the 9-5 isn’t all bad. Hospitality can be a lonely industry when I’m heading home at midnight or waking up at 6am, however if there was a place I would want to enjoy a little alone time leading up to summer it would be Sydney. I am pleased in ways the above image isn’t my daily view, as it means a little distance from that robotic routine programmed into 21st century humanity. I do have to admit however I’m a little jealous not to be a part of the ‘Friday feeling’ club that starts soon, especially with weather like we have today.

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