Everyday is a reminder that I am waking up on the other side of this giant space rock of incredible velocity and mind boggling consistency. My alarm was set for 7am this morning, not for work but for the England vs Brazil game. Australia is not very compatible with live football on European soil however it is great for getting me up in the morning and beating that rush hour traffic.


It still humours me that whilst I am getting out of bed for a new day, 99% of people I know are back home and reflecting on their day which is just ending. On paper I am in the future. For this reason I use my world clock/map daily as it helps to know when to put certain posts out and when to Skype friends and family. I have already been on the receiving end of an unexpected 3am whatsapp call and I don’t want to put anyone else through the same trauma.

This timezone difference gives me a little more freedom to be who I want to be. London to Sydney is currently 11 timezones. Like travel, I feel unashamed to do things that may be considered weird back or a little unusual back home. The ‘home etiquette’ just doesn’t apply in the same way. If a bar was open for the game this morning I would have went for a beer. Too early? Today my friend, I am on UK time.


My aim is to live life how and when I want to. I want to experience the world in each and every timezone, all right here, right now. Whether it is a festival where I am standing, the Superbowl at whatever time that is shown in the Southern Hemisphere or Skyping the family back home, provided I haven’t passed out with exhaustion I want the opportunity to celebrate with the rest of them.

As the lyrics warn us in the song Knights of Cydonia- a song I have fell in love with all over again- ‘Don’t waste your time or time will waste you.’ A very fitting warning and words I try to live by. Time is a fantastic way to regulate our lives, but should never be used to rule our lives. In a world of so many unethical rulers, I am in no hurry to make time one of them, nor be an inevitable victim too early.

Featured image: Photo by Kevin on Unsplash

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

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