I needed a little change

Change is not appreciated as much as it should be. Nobody likes change, despite the fact that it allows us to travel the world in under 24 hours and live past the ripe old age of 30 years. That being said, I needed a little change myself, although unfortunately not to the same world-changing standard. Not yet.


I have changed my theme to really allow my photographs to stand out. I feel my photos are a big part of my blog and posts, it would be a waste to not display them. I love the added colour the large photo’s bring to the page I need colour in my life to keep me upbeat.


I find it also simplifies the site. Do you want the daily ramblings? Maybe you want the travel updates only? The option is there.

Now, every time I go on a journey anywhere that is deserving of a dedicated travel post, I will add it to my Travel Diary. This means that it is easier to find the travel aspect of my blog, separate from the daily posts that highlight my current thoughts and opinions. I don’t want this blog to be purely travel-related, however as I am currently travelling why not have a dedicated section.


What do you think of the change, for better or for worse? I hope it works for you!




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Emptying my mind onto the web and hoping to make sense of it. Hoping to help others going through similar struggles.

8 thoughts on “I needed a little change”

    1. Great! I’m glad you like it. I did check it on iPhone before going live, despite the images being large it seems more suited to mobile than other themes of a similar style. However you are right, the title font seems huge! I will do some tweaking to see if I can fix that. Thank you so much for the feedback!

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