Don’t let age decide your fate!

I was browsing LinkedIn recently. I don’t often use the site as I was peer pressured into making a page for my own personal development in a job I didn’t really want to develop in. Maybe one day I will use it with a little more optimism, for now it will remain rather dormant as I travel and blog daily. That is so much more fun.

I get emails from the site and the other day decided to have a browse. This headline popped up.

This may be true, although I didn’t click the link. There is just something about this kind of article that bores the shit out of me. As a millennial I could moan and groan about the news, but what is the point? I only want to associate as a millennial by age. Not my potential, not my financial status, not my limits. As soon as I begin to complain that my prospects are hindered by external factors, I’m on the path to proving it right. To be successful in anything we need to be different. Possess increased work ethic and be different from the rest. Reading the papers or a news article online like some crystal ball deciding our fate will hurl us into mediocrity.

Now of course the are some inequality battles that I will fight for. Equal pay for example. If it is downright discrimination benefiting a bigoted few then I will put my foot down. But it isn’t always that. Some people prefer to moan than be the difference they want to see in the world.

So that is my ten cents. I won’t bother clicking the link as it is a lazier option. It is easier to complain about our lack of opportunity than it is to create opportunity. I would give more than ten cents of course if I wasn’t such a poor millennial with no prospects thanks to every other generation. Damn you all.

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15 thoughts on “Don’t let age decide your fate!”

  1. Coincidentally, I was exploring this topic last night in my journal, but from a different direction. As a middle-aged Gen-Xer, I sometimes catch myself thinking that I can’t do something new (take up a new instrument, for example) because “it’s too late for that.” It’s silly, but I know I’m not alone in thinking that way, and I was thinking about how I might write about it. So it made me laugh to see your title in my feed this morning.

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    1. Very weird timing… and there is definitely no ‘right’ age to play an instrument! The only time it is too late is when we aren’t around anymore to play it anymore, I love watching some legendary bands still rock hard such as ACDC and Sabbath, they rock like they are still in their prime haha. I do agree that some activities can make us feel like we are too old, even in my twenties I feel that about certain things. But I don’t think that should put us off at all 🙂

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  2. What if you want to moan but also do something about it? Lol. Because that’s me… I know we have an unfair advantage. I don’t generally complain but when i see all over my newsfeed from older generations that we are the worst generation or laziest or have killed the cereal industry i must throw my two cents in. Did you know that statistics show that we take less time off. Holidays & vacation days? But you’re very right, instead of complaining all the time, i have decided to finally do something about it! 🙂

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    1. I did not know that. And if you moan but do something about it, that is action, which is great. Some people find it hard to get past the moaning stage (where I have been for sure). Every single generation has its problems and perks, and if a separate generation has the time to moan about our generation (are you a millennial?) they have the time to be more productive too!

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      1. Thank you for that! I agree, I’ve seen every generation say it about another. I’ve found myself saying it about, what are they called? Generation-Z? Then I stopped myself because i realize how crazy it is to keep blaming everyone else. Each generation has their own shit to deal with and their own shit to own up to!


      2. Every generation had its great, influential people and its negative aspects. I just think we all need to be the best we can be without looking for others to blame. If so many of our most incredible humans pointed fingers instead of making changes, we wouldn’t get anywhere as a species!


      3. I’m sure some do, but I also know millenials blame older generations for various things. The blame game is something I don’t want to be a part of, as it excuses us and is a distraction from being productive!

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  3. I’ve done a lot of reading about the topic of generational differences, but I always love reading new opinions. Your perspective is very interesting. “It is easier to complain about our lack of opportunity than it is to create opportunity.” I completely agree- those who complain about their victimization often tend to be the ones who are doing the least to overcome it.
    Instead, we can continue to work alongside (in spite of?) this moniker that, at least for the time being, seems to stunt us. I work in human resources, and my colleagues have insulted me to my face because of the actions of my generational cohort- but I don’t believe that complaining about it will make any difference. Instead, we need to work hard and prove those naysayers wrong.

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    1. Thank you for reading and providing your perspective, I totally agree with your words. It is wrong for people to insult with guilty by association style reasoning of course, and I would definitely disagree with them doing so and probably tell them that too, but I would also have a desire to prove those naysayers wrong by working hard like you said. I hope your Monday is going well! (Depending on the time where you are located of course) 🙂

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