Customer service 

I was getting a little annoyed with Ticketek recently as I was waiting for confirmation of my Muse ticket. For some strange reason it was saying my ticket was either voided or the Sydney event was cancelled. Speaking to the ticket provider is a nightmare as the waiting time is an hour plus, most of the time trying to call results in a ‘please call back later’ and the call ending. 

I can’t wait for this gig. I watch all of their shows on YouTube if there is a decent pro shot on offer, I was enjoying a recent gig in Japan (uploaded by a fan) earlier this month before it was deleted due to copyright. I was mid way through too. What better way is there to prepare for a gig than to watch their current gigs online? Do people do this, or is it a spoiler? Let me know.

Today I got a call from Ticketek, finally confirming my ticket is indeed valid. Tonight I will celebrate with a beer and belt out Plug In Baby.

Warning to new followers, I will reference Muse from time to time. They are a main reason why I can remain happy and sane in a crazy world.

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13 thoughts on “Customer service ”

      1. No, sadly, they’ve never toured in or around my country! But that doesn’t diminish their influence on me: Matt had me picking my guitar up again in no time!
        That being said, I’d love to see them live someday. One of the best live acts in the world, they’ve such incredible energy, and this is only what I’ve seen on YouTube!

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      2. I’m from Newcastle, England however I now live in Sydney. I guess I am lucky being from Europe as a Muse fan as they are never performing too far away.. They do tour a lot but that doesn’t help if they don’t visit your country… I would recommend travelling if you can just to see them! This is of course easier to say than do…

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