Places I Need to See: Big Buddhas and Pretty Pagodas (Reblog)

There is something about huge statues that really wows me. I guess because it is the closest we can get to actual giants, that is until robot development really gets going. Roll on the year 2050.

Despite not being religious or an overly spiritual person, this destination is one that I would love to make my way to. The Pagodas in this post by wwellend look stunning. The ‘big Buddha’ statue seen measuring 66m is the kind of thing I am referring to in my opening paragraph. With hands the size of the flat I am currently renting, I’m hoping it doesn’t come to life anytime soon…

Yangon has a bit of a bad reputation. For most travellers, this is the first place visited whilst in Myanmar. It serves as the main international hub (although I do use that term lightly) for Myanmar and is often described as ‘just a big dirty city’. Whilst I can definitely see how some could get […]

via How To Spend One Day in Yangon — TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOLO

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6 thoughts on “Places I Need to See: Big Buddhas and Pretty Pagodas (Reblog)”

      1. I’m going on the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin next year and want to stop off at Alice Springs and get to see Uluru. I’ll be posting photos too, now I’m a blogger 🙂

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      2. There’s certainly a beauty to blogging, memories forever documented to look back on anytime! I’ll certainly look out for the posts. I want to do as much as I can here, it’s such a big country I feel I need at least a year!!

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