This is not a post about Harry and Meghan

The WiFi in my flat decided to stop working today, so after sticking my head out of the window and feeling a good bit of sunshine hit my face I decided to head to the beach. I like to blog on the move. It keeps me busy, I find nothing less stimulating than being stuck in one place. That is what prisons are for.

As I closed the laptop to stuff into my bag, I noticed the loose change jar behind it looking pretty healthy. I have been taking loose change out of my wallet (any coin smaller than a 50 cent piece) and dropping it into the jar. A little saving and a hell of a lot less weight in my pocket. As I was leaving the door my mum, back in the UK, sent me a message over Facebook.

‘Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle x’

I instantly went back to 2010, a 21 year old living in Texas. Kate and William were getting married and the first question I was asked by Americans that overheard my accent was ‘Will you be watching the Royal Wedding?’. I injured my back and called in sick for a few days around the wedding, so the answer is yes I did.

I am not one to winge about the news being ‘not news worthy’. Nor complain about the Royal Family in general. They bring a lot of money into the UK and they aren’t going around beheading like the royals of yester-century. They work, they seem genuine and they can’t really help the role they have been placed into. That being said, it must be crazy to have your face on a coin or for Harry, have your nan’s face on a coin… not just in the UK but worldwide. Back in September of this year I made the three hour train journey to London before departing on a 39 hour journey to Sydney. The round-the-world journey taking me to a far away land with different animals, accents, sports and seasons. One thing didn’t change. The faces on the coins.

To think, Queen Elizabeth II had no idea as she was being formed in the womb of the life she would lead. The status she would inherit, the wealth she would obtain and the life long-role she would see through. Typing this into a post reminds me how crazy this is. It seems so outdated yet this is still the case in the same year we have invented life-like robots able to perform back flips. She didn’t build this reputation in life like Elon Musk or Bill Gates, it was waiting for her. This doesn’t mean she hasn’t worked hard or neglected the role. We live in a world that doesn’t make sense and those born into it have as much of a say as we do, those of us born into a life of less wealth and power.

So that is my thoughts today, and often my thoughts as I look at the loose change holding me down. It could be worse, I could have been born with some crazy status that despite putting me on one of the biggest pedestals of all, limits my freedoms. It isn’t bad to be born with increased anonymity, it gives us the freedom to be whoever we want to be and wear the crown of our choice with enough work ethic.

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13 thoughts on “This is not a post about Harry and Meghan”

    1. Yeah, I wonder how many faces there are printed on coins and notes in circulation, a crazy number!
      And that’s a shame, however I’m pleased you left this lovely comment. Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. The circumstance of birth has always fascinated me, and I agree with you, we can’t often fathom, or choose, what we are born as. But at the end of the day, I guess we could just be thankful for the experience!
    (Sometimes when I feel absolutely listless, I try to imagine what life may have looked like, say, on the other side of the planet. There’s probably a lot more to be seen than I can imagine, but I’d also have missed what I’ve grown up to have seen so far!
    But what’s travelling for, right?)

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    1. Very true, all we can do really is wonder and gain a little bit of experience through travel as to what life is like on the other side.
      Thanks for your input, great thoughts 🙂

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