Places I Need To See: These gardens at Mt Fuji (and mini-Fuji!)

There is something magical about these shots. Firstly, Mt Fuji. Wow. Secondly, the incredible colours that grace the garden in the foreground make the backdrop even more remarkable.

Japan is a country I have always wanted to visit. A nation that is so different to my own, making it seem so much further away than it really is. I will get there one day, and believe me I will blog about every aspect of that journey when I get to it.

This re-blog is courtesy of Longitudinal Journeys, the post- along with some incredible shots- can be viewed by visiting her blog below. Thanks for the inspiration!

what happens when you suddenly see flower beds on all the sides? isn’t it the most beautiful feeling? I experienced it when I went to Pink moss which is also known as Fuji Shibazakura Festival, patterns of different flowers on the ground and Mount Fuji in background is the most beautiful thing in this whole […]


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