Dreams without dialogue

I woke from a dream this afternoon, the reason for waking so late is that I had to work overnight to train someone up, a new recruit. He seemed to grasp the role well and with that in mind, I doubt I will have to work over New Years Eve. This means I have no excuse not to post some great pictures of the Sydney Harbour fireworks come 1st Jan 2018. Watch this space.

My dream was a pretty deep one, despite not remembering most of it. I was at the checkout of a store, the lady scanning my items had lost her daughter. She showed no signs of distress, she was scanning, not talking but not visibly anxious. Then, her daughter ran up to her. The lady stopped what she was doing and immediately hugged the girl as tightly as she could. She didn’t let go for what seem like an eternity. After just watching what was unfolding in front of me the lady, mid hug, held her arm out and grabbed my hand. It was if it was some kind of thank you despite me doing nothing to help. Maybe she was just relieved and wanted to reach out to someone. It was a nice ending to the dream, which in turn was a great beginning to a beautiful summers day outside.

As soon as I woke up, I had mixed emotions. I was happy for this fictitious lady to be reunited with her daughter, but I thought about my dad and the recurring realisation that some people have already had that last hug. I don’t know why but thinking of my late father was seemingly pre-programmed into my thought’s ready for me to open my eyes this afternoon. I didn’t think this thought upon reflecting on the dream, it was there already waiting for me to wake. Interestingly this comes after I have just finished Free Will by Sam Harris, a book that looks at what we consider to be free will and demonstrates well that the thoughts we believe are our own manifest through no choice of our own. This hit home for me when he asked the question:

What is your next thought going to be?

Fascinating. I also found rather baffling that in my dream, there was no dialogue. I was not told by the mother, daughter or anyone else at the store that the child was missing. I simply knew, as if the plot of this story was encoded into my brain before watching it unfold before me. The brain is a pretty incredible place and I am never reluctant to share the stories and crazy events that take place in there, as strange as they seem. It is just a shame that so many of these instances are instantly forgotten, like a treasure chest sinking into the seabed of a deep ocean. It is important for me to reflect on them whilst they are still on the surface, and blogging helps me do this.

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Emptying my mind onto the web and hoping to make sense of it. Hoping to help others going through similar struggles.

7 thoughts on “Dreams without dialogue”

  1. I read somewhere (who knows if it’s legit) that every face you dream, even ones you don’t recognize, you’ve seen at one point in your life. Whether you just walked by them on the street or had a long conversation with them. Your brain can’t make up faces, it uses your memory.

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