Was this ship in a movie?!

Today’s ship, Seabourne Encore. Not anywhere close to being the biggest in the harbour but certainly one of the most luxurious. A 6 star liner, I had a lovely chat with an English couple stepping off yesterday. They told me food and drink was all inclusive. Champagne on tap. I got room spin just thinking of this.

Can anyone remember watching Speed 2: Cruise Control? The sequel that was a huge flop, even Sandra Bullock regretted being in the movie. I enjoyed it, but then again I was about nine years old and had a fascination with ships after seeing the movie Titanic. 

The cruise above is a new ship in the Seabourne fleet. The same fleet that Seabourne Legend was a part of, the ship in Speed 2. 

Today, Seabourne Legend is Star Legend, operated by Windstar Cruises. Maybe it changed hands to prevent the ship being associated with the ill-fated movie? Who knows. 

I wouldn’t care what it was called, champagne on tap you say?!

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10 thoughts on “Was this ship in a movie?!”

  1. In our case, we did the ”cheap seats” & were still treated like royalty. Sure there were some exclusive things we weren’t privy to, but we aren’t of the snob sect anyway.

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