The storm lifted at the right time

I was reading the newspaper at work today and the front page article was of the newly opened section of George Street in Sydney. It looked great so I went down and snapped it for myself. Just before I finished work, a huge storm hit with thunder louder than I have heard it in years. Six years in fact, I remember hearing it as loud when I was in Texas during a storm as intense and the lightning hit pretty close. So close that the thunder wasn’t a rumble, it was a bang. I could almost feel it.

The day brightened nicely and I could take this shot of the street beautifully decorated for Christmas.

As the rain was pelting our windows prior to this, my colleague informed me of her dislike of storms. If I’m indoors, I am more than happy to watch the storm brewing and bring the city to a standstill. 

This hasn’t always been the case. During periods of anxiety and depression I did not have such a fascination. I had a fear. The storm was an accurate metaphor for my mental health, something that came with little warning and reminded me that I could do little other than ride it out. Some things in life cannot be controlled and there are periods where I am much more content with that. 

If anything, these storms make the day look even brighter after the clouds dissipate. Sometimes we need these dark periods to appreciate the light fighting it’s way through. You can decide for yourself whether you read this from a weather or mental health perspective, despite being two different aspects of our lives they share a lot of similarities.

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27 thoughts on “The storm lifted at the right time”

  1. I love this, you took something ordinary and made an extraordinary post about it! And I agree with what you said, I feel the same way about storms☺️

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    1. Thank you so much, I am pleased you enjoyed reading. I try to put some deeper thoughts into the pictures I take, it keeps my mind stimulated!


  2. The weather is a perfect metaphor. When I went up to Scotland and found the skies to be bright and sunny, it was a complete contrast from the dark clouds we continually had in Texas. It was a good way to regain thoughts and see there is a brighter side eventually. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and gorgeous photos!

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    1. It’s funny, I would usually associate dark clouds with Scotland and bright days with Texas haha! However after visiting Texas I realised some pretty mean storms brew there. I’m glad you had a similar perspective, thanks for reading 🙂

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  3. You are very right… we have a better appreciation for the light after we’ve experienced the dark. Enjoyment of the sun is better after the storm. How can we have the beauty of a rainbow without dancing in the rain first?

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  4. I think this could definitely be taken both mental and literal. You appreciate the sun more when you experience the darkness. And sometimes, in that dark period, you learn things you never knew before. There’s a beauty there, you just have to find it

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