I don’t know if I have blogged about this before

I love having a wander around the city. Any city. I think the benefit of these big city wanders is the inspiration I receive. In a city, I am constantly getting ideas from other people. It is all inspiration I soak up from people. Architecture, art, music, protests… all human influences. A walk in the countryside often makes me look within and question our nature. Cities are filled with people interpreting that nature in a thousand different ways.

This mural on Pitt Street is an example of why I like these unplanned wanders. I have been to this corner before, ask me how I got here or how to get to it again and I wouldn’t be able to. The mural above me is a very interesting one and one I had to research.

The Peace, Justice and Unity mural was created by Public Art Squad in 1984. It was painted over in 2001 during restoration work on the building and shortly after this the group responsible for the artwork were successful in obtaining a government grant to redo it.  Bob Carr, the Premier of New South Wales at the time, said…

“The scale of the mural and its enduring themes of peace and racial harmony will once again be an important reminder of the kind of community in which we all strive to live,”

Donations for the 80’s installment and the 21st century repaint came courtesy of the local council, churches and charity organisations. So that is something new I have learned today, thanks to the internet I can do more than just look at a piece of art. I don’t like to interpret it in my own way, I prefer to know the story behind it from the artists themselves. On their website, the summary for this mural reads:


Peace and racial harmony are the themes here, who could be mad at that?

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22 thoughts on “I don’t know if I have blogged about this before”

      1. Oh yes I bet New York is filled with so much to see that I haven’t already, I have been three times and I’m sure I could visit another ten to see the places I’ve missed!

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  1. I wonder a lot through cities aimlessly as well. What I also like to do is sit down somewhere really busy with my journal an just start writing. My surroundings inspire the hell out of me. And people in particular are so interesting to study.

    Great post, I could relate a lot. Keep looking for inspiration everywhere you go!

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting, I think that is a great way to find inspiration. What do you write about when sitting in such a place? The people walking by mostly? I think there are so many interesting characters out there even without speaking to them!

      I hope I can provide more posts you can relate to 🙂

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      1. I mostly observe people and write about the life I think they have. I guess their name, their job, their family situation… It’s a fun writing exercise to do. If I overhear conversations from people walking by or sitting near me I will also use that as the foundation of my story.
        And I totally agree! A city offers an unlimited amount of inspiration. Looking forward to reading more ☺

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  2. This is stunning ! The building . I also never heared before about concept of racial harmony- really cool. Anyways, it’s it what we absolutely need in any aspect of our life-harmony? Love your post and that you also did some research on this too.

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    1. Thank you for visiting! Harmony is what we all need, definitely. I like to research the art as there is often a fascinating story behind them, hopefully I will find more and blog about them too!

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