I know I said I would spend more time taking photos of places other than Circular Quay, however I have to admit I still take shots here almost everyday. Recently, Ovation of the Seas came to port and it would be a shame if I didn’t update you on this particular vessel.

Decks: 18

Maximum Capacity: 4,905 passengers

Length: 1,142 ft (348m)

Tonnage: 168,666

Can you see the stand out feature? The North Star Aerial Observatory on the top deck rises to allow passengers a 360 view of the environment, 90m above sea level. Apparently, this reaches higher than the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you can see, the observatory raises as I get closer to the cruise. 

I think this next shot is my favourite, one half in the shade and the other half getting all the sunlight.

Look at all the lovely people…

A pretty impressive sight. To think each and everyone of those relatively small squares is a pretty big room and balcony, it really does help to comprehend the scale of this thing. It’s a beautiful monster.

Do you have a favourite shot of the above? Do let me know 🙂


Not so fun fact: There was a gastro outbreak on board this vessel as I was taking these shots, roughly 200 people were ill as a result. I guess that is the negative aspect of being around almost 5000 people with nowhere to go. 

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11 thoughts on “(inn)ovation”

    1. Never have! Not on a cruise of this size anyway although I would very much like to. I work next to the port so I see the ships every day. What about you, do you sail?


      1. What do you mean? Are you not someone that likes to be around big crowds of people? I can feel very claustrophobic at times in such situations, sometimes more than others.


      2. Nope, I’m essentially an introvert. Don’t mind a crowd I know so much but generally I prefer the company of animals and plants

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Being around animals and plants sounds a lot less hassle! Then again I am now in Australia, they are the two things I now fear the most haha.


      4. There are plenty of areas on cruise ships for being alone, or around very few people. My husband, & myself are both loners, & we spent little time with other people on our cruises. The ships are huge & not crowded, unless you go to the shows, etc. There are many things to find to do & not all of them involve crowds.

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