I needed a day trip somewhere

It is 7.45am Sunday morning in Sydney and I am on a train north to Newcastle for the day. I needed a little day trip out of the city and with rail prices being incredibly cheap on Sunday’s, I set my alarm and headed to Central Station.

As I’m from Newcastle, UK I always had an urge to visit the Australian equivalent. I get there at 9.50am and will find a nice cafe to set my laptop up and plan the day. 

After zooming in on this image I realised I can see Sydney’s skyline in the distance, Sydney Tower can be made out quite easily. 

Bye for now, Sydney!

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17 thoughts on “I needed a day trip somewhere”

      1. Not the mall, but I’m heading to the beach now! Not sure which one yet though… Have to check them out. It’s cool that you’re from this city, I’m enjoying it so far, great weather.


      2. They’re all fairly close to each other and all of them are great! I’m glad you’re enjoying it here, it’s such a lovely place, I hope your taking some photos to post later?

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      3. Of course, I couldn’t come to Newcastle without posting about it πŸ™‚ it probably won’t be up until tomorrow as it will take me a while to arrange the photos. It’s been a fun day!


    1. I find it is always good to take a break to do some travelling, whether it’s far away or on your doorstep. It might help re-motivate you for seminars afterwards. (I was terrible for lack of motivation at university).

      What did you think of the photos? πŸ™‚

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