Busy waters 

I love looking down over the water and the ever busy harbour traffic. I walked to work earlier today and stopped in the midday humidity counting the ferries. 

Some going to work on what is just another business day, others taking once in a lifetime photos of the bridge I’m standing on. Maybe the prints will be put onto canvas and be a constant feature on their wall back home…

How many of these people are on the calm waters of Sydney Harbour for the first and last time? How long have they saved money to get here? Where from? Why did they choose Sydney? 
So many questions in one shot. I also wonder if any of their stories will go onto WordPress… When I’m looking through blogs I find so many people taking selfies in the same areas that I walk daily. Will I ever end up in the background of someone’s picture? Who knows, maybe you are in the background of one of mine! 

Keep a look out.

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Emptying my mind onto the web and hoping to make sense of it. Hoping to help others going through similar struggles.

19 thoughts on “Busy waters ”

  1. I’m sure you’d be in the foreground for many whom you’d have met randomly and made their day! In this picture of life, we will for sure be in the background of many, its how we pose (if you know what I mean). 🙂

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