The art of being content 

First of all, I am delighted to declare today is finally here! Earlier in the year I was buying a Muse ticket, around the same time I was buying my Australian Working Holiday Visa. I cannot remember in which order they were bought, for that I would have to dig down into my previous posts.

I have a holiday/festival feeling about today. I got up and grabbed a hottog for breakfast at a local vendor. 

I opted for ketchup and mustard, I’m not sure how the Aussies do it or how you do it in fact. I’ve never had sweet chilli or BBQ sauce on one but the options were there. 

Just for the record, I know some of you won’t be into the same music and may not find today’s post of any interest. However, I am trying to post about what I am doing and feeling at the time of each post to keep me writing daily. To blog about what I am up to right here and now, it is much easier to keep up with the blog and blogging daily is like a mental exercise for me. This is probably to compensate for not going to the gym as much.

As my regular readers will be aware, I added this image yesterday. I wondered at the time how many people would be taking a picture of the bridge whilst I was on it and what their personal stories were.


Now the following is very similar to what I said in my I was so close! post. I was around the area when the band I am going to see tonight posted to social media. Yesterday, they posted again, roughly around the same time as I took this. Tom posted a timelapse of a stroll around the Opera House.

Can you see me on the bridge? Hey there!

How is he steadier with the timelapse than I am sitting filming it? Embedding didn’t work so I had to record the screen. 

(There was a very loud conversation going on next to me, sorry if it is overpowering on the video.)

The same thing happened in New York 2010. March 5th it was, I managed to see this bands crew set up stage during a tour of Madison Square Garden but did not get to meet them. I think I may have walked past a room they were in, but I cannot confirm. (This is briefly mentioned in the post Your time is now, along with some shots).

I have said that one of my regrets was not seeing them in New York City, either in concert or in person. Yesterday, the same feelings of regret were creeping in, as I was so close to them without being able to say hello. Then I remembered I was going to their gig this evening, something so many people haven’t been able to do. Although it is a very surreal feeling to be within walking distance of the people I have been inspired by so much, sharing the same footpaths and gazing at the same attractions, I have nothing to regret. Instead, I am just happy I can wander the same streets, visit the same cities and watch them play in person. Sometimes we ask for too much without looking at the great things we already have. As I get older, I am putting a conscious effort into converting the feelings of any regret into productivity. Regret can be a fantastic tool to help kick us into gear and put more effort into not regretting in the future. If I didn’t have regrets, where would I be now? Would I have achieved as much as I have? Would I have pushed myself as hard to do things?

Regret is a beautiful thing, if actioned in the right way.

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  1. We don’t call it a hot dog over here. We Aussie call it a sausage.
    I have mine in bread with onion and tomato sauce aka ketchup. My husband has his with onion and BBQ sauce 😊

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