I sometimes choose to see the world as a bad place

There was a big police and media presence on Circular Quay yesterday, it looked like Sydney Police issued a statement, although I am not sure what that was exactly.

Anyways, it made for a very interesting shot, so I got my camera out.


I watched multiple cameras film the police walking up the harbour in a staged walk…. I say staged as they did it purely for the cameras. I think the reason for this was to highlight the fact that police will be armed (or more armed perhaps) during Christmas and New Year.

It is a shame that they have to be. Is this something you welcome, or does armed police make you feel uneasy? For me, it makes me feel safer. I am not saying cities should be filled with such scenes, however it doesn’t bother me seeing them. There are plenty of nations with oppressive regimes, so in a way being reminded that I live in a country that has a police force willing to take a selfie with me is quite nice. If they are friendly and not pointing the gun in my direction, I am cool with it.

I often find myself thinking of the negative aspects of life. The bad bits and how many of those negative aspects will be eliminated as time goes by. What will we be able to banish in the next 300 years… Disease? Terrorism? Natural disasters? It is very exciting for me to consider. How will we be seen to those people of the future, learning about the lives of people way back in the year 2017 on some futuristic version of YouTube? The ones that got a message from the Queen if they made it to 100 years of age, the people that had to wear seatbelts in cars because of the horrible death statistics on 21st century roads. Will they freak out? It isn’t so bad to think the glass is half empty if the aim is to fill up the other half. If I didn’t think like this, I wouldn’t want to write a book to share my opinions or blog my thoughts.

I also spend a lot of time thinking of how great the world is, hopefully this is seen in some of my posts. I just don’t want to do this all the time, as that would mean I am content with how the world is. I am sure I am not the only one that would love to see a few changes here and there!

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11 thoughts on “I sometimes choose to see the world as a bad place”

    1. Yes, & many US people try to cross our border with their firearms, thinking that just because they have a license to carry, that its ok here…….its NOT. Even a US court judge was caught with his gun…..nobody seems to do their research……….

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      1. I guess the US/Canada border isn’t as hard to cross compared to other borders… It probably makes people less willing to research beforehand.


  1. Anyone with a gun is a potential killer! UK police operate well without guns .. and I often wonder why ozzie police are not trained to shoot a leg when someone is out of control, rather than their chest? Any wound would halt them rather than kill them …

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    1. Yeah, I’m not sure how they are trained at all when in comes to shooting, I guess it depends if they are chasing someone or being attacked! They are brave to take on a job that consists of this threat everyday, so kudos to them.

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