This is such a 2017 thing to do 

A gingerbread man with breasts, or a gingerbread woman with a shaved head? I will have to settle with gingerbread person with this one. 

I was given this as a present from someone at work yesterday. He/she/it tasted delicious. It was interesting as I was watching some debates on YouTube on transgenderism and I think there are good arguments on both sides of the debate. The debate being should a male be able to label himself female and be officially recognised as one. I really don’t know. I’m happy to call a man a ‘she’ if he wants to, however to be recognised as one on passports etc could cause problems. For one, he is biologically a male. So that would throw a spanner into the works. Secondly, if Trump decides tomorrow that he is a woman, would he then be the first female president? I doubt many people would be okay with that! 

It also reminded me of a person I met earlier this year. A businessman I interacted with often in a previous job that recognised himself as female. We all called him ‘her’ and she was quite pleasant. She had a girlfriend. And one day when this girlfriend wasn’t with her, she asked us where we think she should go to find straight males that she wanted to flirt with. This person also threatened to phone the police when a colleague labeled her as ‘sir’. If all instincts are that a person is a male, the facial structure, the deep voice, it can be pretty hard to not instinctively go with ‘sir’. What if a blind person interacts with the transgender person? And are the police really necessary?

This to me is a very 2017 dilemma. A man that labels himself as a woman that has a girlfriend likes to hit in straight guys in bars. Does this make her girlfriend straight or gay? If she picks up a straight guy, is the guy homosexual? 

I think 2017 is too much for me to take in.

It has certainly made me think of my stance. I would say I’m left leaning, however I try my best to not get sucked in entirely to all leftists movements. Some of them I don’t like the idea of. 
So those are my thoughts after eating this gingerbread person. I’ll give it my name, Sam, as it is gender neutral. Not like me, I’m a guy.

For now.

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18 thoughts on “This is such a 2017 thing to do ”

  1. This is nothing to do with your post (this world has become far too complicated for this old lady!) but thanks for your encouragement to take a camera out. I’ve now got a visual record of my first Xmas market in Oz! (Not quite up to the Bruges experience, but still good!) 🙂

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    1. Awesome! I’m so glad you decided to do it. Have you added it to a post? If so I’ll certainly take a look 🙂
      I’m happy for you regardless.


  2. Here’s something that might help: gender and sex are two different things. Your sex is about your genitalia and hormonal makeup, and your gender is about how you present yourself to the world. Sex almost never matters except to your doctor and your significant other I mean think about the passport issue-how would it come up? In a pat down? If your situation escalated to that point, you’re usually taken somewhere private anyway and a discussion can be had. And as far as getting someone’s gender”wrong” to their face, well, no the cops aren’t going to come for you if you make a mistake like that 😂 if you’re genuinely not trying to be hurtful to someone, they will know. Though to be fair that one transgender person you know sounds like an asshole anyway which you’re never going to avoid: the world is full of assholes! I guess I’m just trying to say, it doesn’t affect you, someone else being transgender, so why would you care?

    I hope none of this came off as aggressive or snarky, it’s hard just in a comment to say some of these things. Please know it’s all said in a super passive tone of voice 😋

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    1. I didn’t feel you were aggressive at all, I appreciate you stopping to add your thoughts 🙂

      Although it doesn’t affect me, I care as I am fascinated by such topics. Especially when a transgender person does talk to me and threaten a colleague with the police, I feel it is rather close to home. As long as people know I am genuinely interested and not having some kind of dig, I’m happy!

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  3. You posed some very important questions and wrote about the current situation with such clarity. I think that right now, everything is complicated. It’s like the whole world is trying to find itself and it’s identity again. Honestly, there’s so many labels nowadays that I don’t even know what some of them mean anymore. I think the most important thing is to be tolerant and accepting of everyone’s identity but for others to also recognize that it will take some time before everyone will see it as something ordinary. Change requires patience in my eyes.
    This post was extremely thought-provoking, thank you!

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    1. Thank you for such kind words towards my post, I’m glad you enjoyed reading. I am pleased to see changes in society and our perceptions evolve over time as we become more tolerant, but it seems to me that over time we are becoming increasingly divided over such topics. Especially when people get so offended by conversation… My stance is that if someone is willing to have a chat with me, no matter how much they disagree if they can maintain a conversation, it is healthy for society. Conversation is key!

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  4. I loved this post,there are more countries that are making laws to punish people if you call them by the wrong gender. I can’t stand that! I mean I think we should call people whatever they want but I also think people should never get in legal trouble for things they say. You can’t control what people say and claim to be a society that honors free speech. But that’s just my opinion. LOL Great post! And I love your gender neutral gingerbread, that is super cute!

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    1. Thanks for commenting. I agree, if someone threatens action if you say the wrong thing to them (there are limits to this of course) then it is someone I probably wouldn’t want to converse with anyway. It doesn’t sound like a pleasant atmosphere!


  5. I think people should be free to call themselves however they wish, but, they should also be understanding that if someone calls a man a man, and they look like a man, how else should they know? Why take offense to that? You want us to be understanding, then understand that people don’t know right away. I’m all for it, however, there are things that make me scratch my head. You’ve heard the whole binary thing? Anyone can be anything this day. I believe there are only two genders, but that biologically, sometimes a male was supposed to be a female and vice versa. That’s the extent I really believe in.

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    1. I always thought that maybe someone could be born with the body of one gender and the brain of another, although I never researched it and to be honest, still haven’t. I could be talking utter crap of course and this isn’t a thing at all. I am all for looking into the causes and trying to take the stance that causes the least offence to everyone, although this is a pretty difficult thing to achieve!
      It sounds like you have a level of tolerance, which is certainly needed in this world. Thanks for your input and merry Christmas!

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      1. That’s really what I think transgender is, and I know very little as well – hell, the most I know is from tv shows if there’s a character going through it. And I’m all for that, too. It does get harder when people start changing everything about themselves. Transgender I can understand, some of this other stuff is hard to grasp lol. And you’re welcome! Merry Christmas ☺️

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