Changing the meaning

I posted an image yesterday with street art from (seemingly) two different artists. Since then I have discovered another example of this from Newcastle, NSW. Basically, it is a spray painted message that was edited by someone else to say something else.

Now, this one needs very little explanation compared to yesterday’s. The first spray painted message read ‘VOTE NO’, inspired by the recent vote for same sex marriage here in Australia. Many of you will already know that the yes vote won, although it is clear there was a campaign to prevent it from doing so. I even found protests looking up into the Sydney skies, I posted about it in The sky told me how to vote today.


I feel sorry for these people. I have been watching debates from those opposing same sex marriage such as Ben Shapiro, and although he can give a coherent, educated rebuttal from faith, I just cannot find sympathy. One of the reasons is that it is heavily inspired by faith and religion, a reason why I left it behind. I cannot think of another reason why anyone would be opposed to same sex relations, other than the reason I provided in this post.

Being religious just isn’t a good enough excuse for me. I found that leaving it behind meant I had less reason for telling people how to live, or be offended by how they choose to live. Plus, the rainbow flag looks great painted onto a concrete floor. If I am not being harmed by a same sex partnership and guys are free to date guys instead of the girl I could be talking to, I am happy. What could be worse for traditional marriage than two people of the opposite sex not wanting to be with each other anyway?!

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26 thoughts on “Changing the meaning”

  1. If a person wants religion in their life, that’s their business, but I will NOT be told what I can or can’t do, can or can’t read, can or can’t wear, can or can’t do in my private life, or can or can’t do for my medical care, because of it!

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  2. I like your careful analysis of the Vote No campaign in the Same Sex Marriage debate. It was such a relief when the Yes campaign won the vote and were so instrumental in changing Australian Law.

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  3. That whole ordeal was really stressful. I’m so glad it won but I found the non-compulsory postal vote such an irresponsible move by our PM.

    I think the second artist was very crafty in this instance. Art and messages like this have been very comforting in the past months.

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    1. Yeah I can imagine someone going around with a spray can looking for ‘Vote No’ messages haha.
      I wonder how much the non compulsory aspect affected the vote, if it did at all…

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  4. I think those so against gay marriage are just ridiculous. Even if someone’s “faith” is against it, so what? You shouldn’t force your beliefs on anyone else. Gay marriage keeps getting approved in states here in the U.S., then changed. How can you do that to people? Who cares who someone else loves or what they do in their own bedroom.

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    1. I am with you. Even if a faith means believing homosexuality is a sin, we have a problem when you take your faith and impose it on other people.

      Not yours of course, but you know what I mean 🙂

      Those that are convinced by religious beliefs and want others to share those beliefs can be dangerous people.

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