Travel Diary: More shots of the New Years Eve fireworks, Sydney 2018

So this morning I got home around 5.30am. I didn’t think it would be advisable to leave the building I was in with the thousands of people outside trying to head for the closest public transport and taxi ranks, instead I had a few too many beverages with colleagues as we tried to contact our families around the world. We have a very international team where I work and it was almost impossible to remain on the phone for long as there were so many people doing the same outside.

So this is why I was unable to post before now. However, here are some shots from the evening. Enjoy!


One colleague told me her friends camped out overnight for a great spot. I am sure it as worth it, despite taking a hell of a lot of patience and willpower.

I don’t know if many of you are aware, but there is also a family firework display at 9pm. I had no idea, however that was also a great show. It really helped me to predict the epicness of the midnight one, if the 9pm one packed a punch, what will it be like when the clock strikes twelve?


Then…. At 11.55 a small group of us reached for the highest point possible. Due to the huge area the fireworks covered, it was impossible to get them all in one shot. I tried to take in the event without using my camera too much, so the shots are limited in numbers.


Residents look from their great viewpoint. Hey!
At times, it was just too much!

Interesting fact: There were still trains running along the bridge as the fireworks were going off. I am not sure if they had passengers on them (I was told they were running 24/7), but who would want to be on the train at this time? For the driver, I guess it is a pretty spectacular perspective.

Now, I am going to relive the moment on YouTube and watch what other cities had to offer around the world. I hope you had a great evening and not feeling as hungover as I am.

Is it still 2017 where you are? Don’t worry, 2018 isn’t looking too bad.

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    1. Yeah I didn’t bother moving for a few hours after the fireworks as I knew how hard it would be! I’m glad you were able to experience it, despite the long journey home.

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