The sticker on my laptop

So I was in a Sydney bar blogging (Manly was the area, for any curious locals) and I noticed some American college basketball on TV. It turned out to be Texas Tech, the college I was located close to whilst living in the Lone Star State. Not many people had heard of Lubbock, but college sports help put it on the map thanks to the Red Raiders. I could see their 60k+ seater stadium from my apartment balcony, impressive for a college team and not possible for a UK college team.


Whilst I was clearing out my apartment in England back in August to move out to Australia, I found a sticker that I bought in Texas all that time ago. I put it on my laptop hoping that it would help me build a collection of stickers from various regions of the world. I like the look of Casey Neistat’s laptop for this reason. It gives it a bit of personality.

Live update: Some guy just walked up to me and asked if I was from the States because of my laptop sticker. Right as I was typing this section, he was from Cali and I had to explain I lived in TX although I am actually British. I feel I have to apologise for misleading people that ask this, they are hoping for a chat with someone from home and realise this isn’t going to be the case as soon as I open my mouth. Odd timing, however since I have started going into public places for WiFi it has drawn quite a lot of attention. A bit like if I was taking a cute puppy everywhere, you know its just a matter of time before someone is going to walk up and introduce themselves. I like conversation, so it’s fine.

But yes, I feel it gives my laptop a little more life. It’s with me almost all the time now, so I like my laptop to reflect me a little. I’m overdue an Australia sticker though, I haven’t got around to buying one.

So yes, this short post is dedicated to Tech and Texas. And Shiner Bock, and brisket, and pool parties, and turning up late everyday to work due to those pool parties, and the constant worry of being fired for being late and inevitably sent back to the UK as I was on a strict sponsored visa, and the difficulty being understood because of my think northern accent…. 

I am reminded of a lot when I see that great flag.

But now I need a sticker for my current travels. What should I get? A koala? A kangaroo? The Australian flag? What do you still carry around that reminds you of a previous trip? 

I bet many of you have some cool reminders of past adventures, in many cool and creative forms.

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37 thoughts on “The sticker on my laptop”

    1. Nice to get to know you πŸ™‚ It is always great to hear from people in places I have been, say hello to everyone for me :p
      How far is Longview from Lbk?


  1. Your old flat mate sounds like my cousin!
    I love your Texas sticker! If you want an Australian one, I’m sure there are souvenir shops to get one. I wish you had a British one too! Anything you put on there will have a story and a way to connect with new people.

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    1. There is a great souvenir shop close to where I work, I may grab one tonight. When I am back in the UK I will get a British one, in fact I could ask a family member to send one over… I really want to build them up now!

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    1. I guess it is very easy to get personal photos transferred into stickers… or do you mean pictures of the local landmarks? If my own photos can be used as stickers, that is something I haven’t considered before!


  2. You should get a wombat! They’re just the cutest creatures, and I bet a wombat sticker would be another great conversation starter! πŸ˜€
    (“Petting a wombat” is part of my bucket list, right after touring Iceland on horseback.)

    The things I drag around from previous trips or deployments are an eclectic mix. Things I found, things I sweet-talked people into letting me have (or traded for something else), a few things I bought.
    A silver bracelet from Morocco that I traded for a silk scarf. An old drink menu from Denmark, that the nice waiter let me have with a “silly Americans” chuckle. A coaster from Galway, with a date and names scribbled on it. A dried flower from Afghanistan. Seashells from Italy, and a slightly chipped porcelain ‘gondola’ from an ice cream parlor in Venice (they serve the banana split in those. I asked to buy one, they let me have the damaged one for free). More seashells from Portugal, and a miniature Tower of Belem I found at a flea market in Sintra. An old iron candelabra, flea market find in Southern France. A little bell that had come loose from a horse harness in Croatia (my personal Polar Express moment). An old metal curb bit the owner was going to throw away from Spain. A raven feather from the Tower. A rock from the Euphrates river. A tiny coffee spoon from Austria, and a little heart pendant I traded for a belt buckle.

    A few more things, all scattered around the place.

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    1. Wow, what a great mix of items to remind you of your clearly epic travels! Do you have them stored all over the place, or have a display? I would love to have my own place, big enough to have a corner that I could have them displayed. I don’t have anything close to that. I think my favourite item is an American Flag, probably 6 foot in length that I was given after leaving the hotel that is was flying outside of. This was in display in my last place before I moved out, now in temporary storage.


      1. Most are all over the place. The coaster and the drink menu are in my kitchen (along with a cocktail menu from Canada), on the shelf where I keep the booze πŸ˜‰

        The little gondola sits on a shelf over my bathtub, filled with pretty old glass marbles and some of the seashells. The candelabra is currently in my bedroom, and older daughter has snatched the Belem Tower to serve as a makeshift bookend.

        Some of the smaller, random items like the feather from London I keep in a ‘memory chest’ in my living room. Lots of other stuff in there that wouldn’t make sense to anyone but me, yet every piece has a story.
        Actually, though I don’t refer to it directly, I picked up the raven feather on that trip I wrote about in my “Je suis Charlie” post. (random side note: I like to think it was “Ronald the Raven” it belonged to originally, but of course I can’t be sure). πŸ˜‰

        I like the story behind your flag! Can’t help imagining the things it’s seen, flying outside a hotel, until you gave it a new home. πŸ™‚

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      2. Cool! If I had a permanent place of residence I would like to have my memories displayed around the home, until then I have most of them stored in a room back home in the UK! One day I will probably use them to decorate the home. I don’t know if I would prefer like a dedicated wall for it all or if that would look bad, there’s only one way to find out πŸ™‚

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  3. I would choose a koala sticker.
    I collect magnets and earrings from my travels. The earrings are touristy but I try to find locally crafted jewelry or something specific to a location. The last pair I bought Is a set of typewriter keys from the American Writers Museum in Chicago.

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    1. Koalas are cool, it is certainly an option. Typewriter key earring sound interesting! Do you ever wear them, or keep them as a reminder?


    1. Maybe I will have more and more nationalities approach me, although when I get more stickers they will probably know I am not a native of that country, I am just one that has visited πŸ™‚

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  4. 60k stadium is for the amateurs…says someone from Texas A&M…I have a kangaroo x-ing sticker from living in Brisbane, which has a real story behind it. My flatmate and I were driving in the pitch black back to Alice Springs from Uluru and two massive roos hopped across the “road” in front of us. Find something that you can tell a story about, like the Texas sticker.

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    1. Oh trust me I know that Texas has some incredible stadiums! I remember driving past the Longhorns Stadium and it was amazing. I miss the tailgating too!
      I hope you were able to avoid the ‘roos xD

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  5. Stickers, yes! I always get a sticker when I travel, but also collect them for coffee shops or pubs and for various writing things like NaNoWriMo that I participate in or especially like. I even create stickers for my own books or book series. Perhaps I should do a post with a photo of my laptop stickers. I get asked about them often when I’m out writing at cafe’s and pubs too. It’s fun. I’ll let you know if I create the post in the next day or two so you can see my collection as you’ve shared yours with us.

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    1. Thats cool, although I’ve considered the idea of getting a tattoo as a reminder of a past journey, there just isn’t anything I can think of that I would have permanently. I’m glad you have been able to find that something from an adventure. Thanks for sharing!

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      1. I think you are wise to wait and not just pick anything. Tattoos are permanent. I have no regrets over getting mine and really love the design.
        My thoughts on tattoo’s are that one should seriously think about it before they get it and be very conscious of what they want.

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      2. Absolutely. I may never get one, I am not sure. What I really dislike seeing is people getting tattoos after a five minutes thought and really regretting it in the process. That is not wise!

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    1. I try to avoid Fosters when I am travelling, I have had that too much in the UK! Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Fosters since arriving in Aus!


  6. I love your Texas sticker..ugh! want that. It’s safe to say that stickers remain the cheapest option, if not always the prettiest. Personally, I’ve never used stickers on my laptops, but then again, I see a lot of people at the university with stickers on their laptops.

    -Hannah J.

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    1. Well at least you like mine, haha. I enjoy people looking as they walk past, they are often intrigued and I can tell even if they pretend they aren’t looking as they walk by!


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