Sydney experienced an amazing storm last night

This morning, around 4.30am in Sydney’s CBD, I was awake at work and a HUGE storm rolled in. I was at the desk and I could see the early flashes on the horizon in the corner of my eye, before long it was right above us. Although I felt like one of the only people awake at the time right before this, I would be surprised if anyone was able to sleep through it.

If there is one thing that demonstrates the power of lightning, it is its ability to turn night into day. Now I am not sure if this is due to lightning, if anyone can confirm that would be great, but I was recording the skyline hoping for a huge fork to strike as it was doing so frequently and the moment a bright flash occurred, my camera stopped recording. This was annoying, however what was amazing was that my screen froze at the moment the flash lit up the whole sky. So, I took a screenshot of the moment that was frozen on my iPhone screen. The next picture here is a screenshot of the video before the lightning. The following image is during the flash.

How amazing is that? It is like nature is turning the light on. Also notice how the Harbour Bridge becomes clearly visible during a strike.

Notice how this shot only lights up the water.

I also love how nature really doesn’t give a damn. It’s 4.30am? Do I look like I care? I am going to unleash all fury anyway. I will flash, I will roar and I will leave when I am done. See you next time I am around, sleepyheads.

This kind of nature really does blow me away and fill me with fascination, although as I have admitted before, my perception can shift dramatically in a different mindset. In periods of depression or anxiety, storms terrify me. It highlights the aspects of nature that we still don’t truly understand, the uncontrollable and largely unpredictable nature of reality that we just have to ride out like a storm wave. The reality that we are in control of only a small aspect of life and this is evident every single day.

In periods of stress-free calm, as I have experienced thankfully the past few months, I can look at storms for their beauty and appreciate how far humans have come, to the point that a lightning strike containing millions of volts of electricity can be viewed from a relatively safe, care free zone. Hopefully I stay in this frame of mind so I can take all the goodness out of these natural events before the day comes that I won’t be around to see the show any longer.

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14 thoughts on “Sydney experienced an amazing storm last night”

    1. I agree, but only if you are being a good person! History has been full of bad people doing what they want. However too many lovely people don’t do what they like which would lead to a much more fulfilled life. So yes, do what you want, but be nice haha :p

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      1. Very true. I live in the land of unicorns and rainbows all day so I had forgotten that there’s bad people doing what they want. I’m definitely working on doing what I want and not just saying yes to what other people want:). I’ll try to be nice though:)


  1. It was quite the rude wake up call, but so impressive. There was one a few weeks ago while I was at work. We could hear it from the control room and I took a moment to run to the window and have a look at the storm.

    I know what you mean about the sense of awe that comes with seeing mother nature in all her glory like this.

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    1. I am glad you share a similar appreciation for storms. Thankfully I work next to floor-to-ceiling windows, so it is impossible to miss any storm that comes my way! I saw some uploads from people of these storms and they look incredible.

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